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Signature Tutorial :)

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This is a quick Signautre. Not sure if you like it but its just an example on what you can do.




i failed a little on 4. "background on the image/render*" ;)

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i didn like the colors on the first one. but the second one looks awesome. did you use brushes?


anyways nice job.


The Halo one that's actually in my sig was made by Lemonstein, lol.

But for the first one, I was trying to find some nice colors to match the render, which ended up being grayish-green

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Floffy, think we should make a thread where people post PS tuts, but rules are people can only thank and +rep.


And they can send feedback via the PM or userpage msg


sound good. but we need admin on the arts & craft section to do that :/ have you talked to anyone about it?

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