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CSS got ultrafucked

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by the new update, expecially zombie servers are having trouble with this, because 1 of these things can happen,

- The zombies can get 0 knockback, aka they will not even slow down.

- The zombies get to use dropped weapons, when the zombies are shooting humans, it will heal them up until 339 hp, however, will slow them down, so zombies can get them easily.

- The whole zombiemod is gone, it'll be a regular css match, gun vs gun.

So, all I have to say is, have fun trying to play css, you're going to get backstabbed when you try, expecially with zombie escape.

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cam down, they will fix it don't worry.

It could be like windows vista: There was windows XP that was great but had some bugs, then vista which fixed most problems but made new ones, then windows 7 came and it was mostly fixed.

And css is not dying. When it's fixed, people will come back

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Quit being so distasteful you guys. Valve fixed many bugs, and the mods are broken because of the hooks being different. Once the hooks are updated, then the mod works again.


It isn't Valve's fault that the mods rely on hooks that change every time the game is updated...

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