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I love Photoshop.

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Ive had Photoshop for a few years, and Im about to start making Tutorials on it. ;] for example, How to create an Evil Eye. On the bottom, you will see 2 pictures.


1 picture, I got from Google "search for (Closeup eyes)"

I edited it on photoshop, and the end result is an awsome Evil eye ;]

I made it in about 10-15 min, although im going to be busy this 2 weeks, (work and all) I will be also gone for 4 mnths (thats including the 2 weeks)


when i get back i will start releasing Tutorials on Photoshop Cs3 extended.

Ive got a lot to teach P; Bye bye for now, ill be back soon... oh and btw, Please dont message me about needing help on photoshop. because i wont be here... Peace.



[NOTE] on the picture to the right (evil eye) I put my name somewhere ;] lets see who finds it first! ;]



the baby, it does have a brain :p but it looks wrong at least for me. Ill need to redo it later.

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Looks awesome, and I found the name too. Medal please!:partydance:


cool, You are awarded a


Medal of honor.

Congrats. :]


Search for the baby secret, it has my name and something else!



]Btw[ hope you like the medal! lol 1922 Wrestling assistant manager ;p

its your MEDAL OF honOR i got it offa google HAVE FUN!

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