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Help needed!:)

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Hi guys!


I am currently working on a little game, this is my first game in flash ever, I don't know how long it will take me to finish it but it's fun to work with. Anyway, I completely lack any drawing talent, if you can and would like to help me out, then please let me know. I need someone to draw weapons/armor/characters/backgrounds etc.




PS:If anyone wants to team-up with me on this then let me know, all the help I can get is much appreciated.



Main functions I am aiming for in this game:


*Working store and equipping system with inventory

*AI who attack the player

*GTA 2 style look, the camera follows the player

*Achievement system - you are awared medals for completing tasks(like killing 10 enemies, playing for 15min etc.)

*Skill system

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Why dont you create a stick game for your first...You dont need drawing skills for that ..Or i can draw them for u ... :001_tongue: :laugh:


Heh I abandoned this game for now, going to try something simpler, but this time, it's a secret. Just wait hehe

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