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Tutorial on how to find great signature tutorials..

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As the title states - I will now tell you a fairly easy way to find signature tutorials instead of running all teh way through deviantart or something each time..


You will need a couple of keywords for the style.. Here are some examples:


- Grunge

- Glow

- Smudge

- Beginner

- Intermediate

- Advanced

- Vector

- Sprite

- Abstract

- Easy

- Novice

- Simple

- Super


All words that if you put them in front of "signature tutorial" you will get various good (or bad) results..

Other ideas can be to search for topics like:


- Spiderman

- Halo

- Half-Life 2

- Counterstrike

- etc


and of course, in front of "signature tutorial"...

Now, go do this on googles picture search, and you will have loads :)


Yeh, this was a cheap post-point, but just thought I'd share it with you :thumbup:

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