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Triggering Wanderer's Ultimate Stage 101

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Ultimate Stage in Wanderer's Palace is essentially a secret Stage 5 that you only get one chance (but not really) to beat.

The reason why it's a "secret" stage is because you cannot access it normally by simply beating Stage 4 ("Savage").


In order to gain access to Stage 5 you need to break 3 "hidden" glass pyramids during the Savage stage to activate the trigger that activates Stage 5;

(All of the triggers break in one shot from any weapon.)


1st Pyramid

Immediately after the room with the Bird Army Paeon item (Ammo) there is a room with a large pool in the middle, on top of the pillar closest to where you entered from is the first trigger for the stage. (Yes, it is specifically that one, the glass pyramids on top of the other pillars don't break.)




2nd Pyramid

After the 1st Pyramid, in the room where White Mage's Benediction (Heal) is, simply turn right once you enter the room and it'll be right behind where it spawns.



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cont. (5 image limit reeee)


3rd Pyramid

Later in the stage, in the area where you must defend zombies and destroy an ADS wall that's coming to kill you, right before the Dalamud/True Bahamut bossfight, simply face the zombies and look right and it'll be hugging the far wall. Slightly harder to spot than the other 2.





Final Trigger

If you've successfully broken all 3 pyramids, at the end of the stage after the lasers look up and a red and black box will appear above you right when the door closes.

Shoot it quickly before the nuke goes off to activate Ultimate Stage on the next round.



Once broken you will hear a distinct sound right before the FF victory fanfare, that means you did it.

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