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Honestly, paying attention in-game helps A LOT. While i'm not an avid ZE player, as long as you listen to the human team leader you can gain lots of help. On top of that, the ZE community is generally friendly to newer/ignorant players. However for tips now, try not to door hug but to defend.

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I encourage you to read this thread as it contains not only the rules for the server but also special commands that come in very handy.


The very general tips that everyone should know is to generally follow the crowd of CT's for best chance of survival, actually help the team by shooting back the zombies and not door hug (Going to the next checkpoint/choke hold and letting your team do all the work for you), and never ever try to troll and team kill the CT's by lying in where to go next or by edging (standing near a choke point close enough where a zombie can hit you and you can instantly hit your entire team).


If you have any other specific questions about ZE, either look in previous threads if the same question was answered and if you cant find it its ok if you repost a question answered before.

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as long as you listen to the human team leader you can gain lots of help..
This is the biggest one, as long as you listen to the leader you should be fine, also if you see a item (items are dual berettas that perform a special ability such as set all zombies on fire in a small radius) and dont know what it is or how to use it please dont pick it up, and if you do drop it to someone else. Countless times rounds are ruined by people who grab items and have no clue what they're doing. I hope to see you on ZE in the future!
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Some optional skills that may come in handy, but are not mandatory are bhopping, general aiming (not really a big deal though as there's infinite ammo with reloads), parkouring, and reaction to dodge those pesky lasers that certain people love so much. Otherwise, yeah, listen to those who know the map and follow the team. Be sure to listen to the team for zombies/obstacles/lasers and defending spots but also be alert to any screw ups that can often happen. Good luck.

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Most important thing is to listen to and follow whoever is leading. Map knowledge and other skills (parkour, where to defend, etc.) come with experience playing through maps. For some simple tips the best weapons to use are bizons and negevs, the former being used if you like running and gunning and the latter being used for static holds. Learn how to ladder strafe if you have not already as it allows you to climb ladders twice as fast. Though not needed, learning how to bhop helps when running away as a human or chasing people as a zombie. As some people above have mentioned, you should not pick up items/powerups unless you know what you are doing with them (you should atleast be able to gain partial experience from watching others use items). If you do pick up an item/powerup with no clue how to use it tell the leader that you don't know how and they will usually either direct you to drop the item or tell you how/when to use it. The tips from @PikaJew about rebuy binds are fine but honestly unnecessary especially for a beginner.


ZE Terms/Mechanics:


Backpedal - running backwards while facing the zombies and shooting them with a gun (typically with an smg or a pistol)


Edging - when a someone edges a defense spot such that they can be infected by a zombie easily (typically when someone hugs a crouch spot defense or when they are edging a platform such that zombies can knife their feet)


Boosting- when a zombie is boosted towards the humans. This is usually done by improper use of a power up which pushes zombies but can also be done by awps or by simply shooting a zombie forward in the wrong direction


Rebuy - buying a new gun or replenishing armor through zombie escape market (typically done by typing a command in chat but can also be binded to a specific button through console). Common rebuy commands on SG ZE include /bizon, /negev, /awp, /kevlar etc.


Trim - When the team is "trimmed down" due to the death of many players. Typically used to describe when a boss move or a part of the map kills multiple players. Also done intentionally rarely to make a later part of the map easier (frowned upon)


Boss Scaling - Most maps make their boss hp scale to the number of players alive. Allowing for an easier or harder boss depending on number of players alive. Typically the boss is easiest when more players are alive but if many die early in the boss it may result in a boss fight that is harder due to the increased hp from scaling.

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