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Chicago Ben's data mining spreadsheets for ze

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So trying to convince gfl to up their clip changes I made a ton of info reguarding guns and their balance in zombie escape gamemode via a few google spreadsheets (they are too busy removing spectate because of gametracker of all things...). Figured I would share em here and answer any questions you guys had about it. Main thing you need to ignore is on my first sheet, specially the price suggestions I had for gfl. Don't think I need to explain that.



1. Clip changes and prices chart: Main thing to focus on: info on weapons and clip suggestions. Nothing too crazy about this one.




2. Damage chart: Damage per minute at 5 different ranges 100 600 1000 1500 2.5k unit distances. Also Bullets per minute (+reloading), rebuy limits (ignore), most bullets in 30 seconds possible (with rebuying). Most dmg in 30 at set distances (with rebuys)




NOTE: these DPM calculations are done with my suggested clip sizes on the far left.


3. Accuracy chart: Has inaccuracy with spraying, as well as crouch/standing/and running inaccuracy. First shot accuracy standing and crouching. Perfect tap intervals, gun fire rates and range modifiers. Best to focus on how to use SMG's and Rifles here.



With all the data gathered here I can only gather that the crouching SCAR is op plz nerf

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