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While it's not entirely necessary, I feel that it would be useful to adjust the current point values of certain events.


Primarily, given that Ts should have the advantage in winning any round, point values should be adjusted to reflect that. Winning on CT or losing on T should respectively reward or deduct 4 points; inversely, winning on T or losing on CT should reward or deduct only 2 points.


Minor adjustments that could be made, but aren't necessary would be awarding points for flash assists, multikills, and noscopes.

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Please do this i have 200 points

Also spawns suck, there are spawn where you can be spawnkilled almost immediately

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Keeping points lost/won on CT at 4 is the our bet as we want people to go for objective. Lowering points lost/won for Ts to 2/3 works for me since Ts are pretty much just deathmatching while occasionally stalling for bomb. They don't really need much incentive to defend bomb since getting kills is going for objective and defending the bomb.

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Losing a round will now only lose you 3 points, winning a round still gains you 4 points. Changelog


- CTs & Ts that lose round will now lose a collective of 3 points instead of 4. Winning a round still earns you 4 points.


This is definitely subject to change, however, for now we'll be offsetting the points by just one. Hopefully, this will help some players not go down the rabbit hole of always losing points and never gaining.

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