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Hi guys this is Tissue Engineer. I joined CSGO this year and soon fell in love with ze mode. After several months of playing, I started to think about graphics. We all know that in official server the graphics look realistic. However, in most of ze maps, they look like maps from 2002 and some terrible graphics really hurt my eyes. Is there any possibility to create a map that has same graphics with official server?

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A lot of these maps are ports from the css version (which explains the low graphics). The main issues of having someone here rework a map is:

1.making sure you don't break the map by changing some of the textures

2. Requires someone with map making knowledge

3. Getting the mapmaker's consent (etiquette reasons)

Imo #1 and #3 is serious enough that you'd be better off making the map from scratch. You might also know that making a map takes a long time therefore it's not realistically possible unless the OG map maker reworks it themselves.

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