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TTT has changed management quite a bit in recent weeks, understandably causing development and decisions to seemingly stagnate.


I'd love to hear some input from Management on plans and ambitions, what's in progress, and your guys' views on TTT and its current state.


Management has previously been a little more forward with their thoughts about things, so I was hoping you guys could keep the community in the loop and maybe even stir up some hype.


There are things that may have been slated to be introduced under previous management, but have become lost when changing hands. Hopefully, by filling us in, we'll be able to bring up previous discussions that you guys may have missed or overlooked.


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You’re completely right, management on TTT has always been fairly open with upcoming updates, changes, and events with some obvious exceptions. I have always been proud of the previous managers of TTT for continuing such a transparent and open environment with the rest of the TTT community and wish to personally continue doing so. Obviously as of lately there’s been a lack of this transparency and we as managers have an obligation to straighten things out and will do so soon, like in the upcoming days soon. I want to personally apologize for my lack of interaction with the player base and those making suggestions and interactive discussions. Without getting into detail I have had a bucket of family drama dropped onto my head recently and it definitely has cut back a fuck load of time from SG. More importantly know this, we have never stopped working to better our TTT server and increase our players entertainment, even if it looked like we haven’t been doing much.


Again, we’re sorry for the delay in thread response times and lack of knowledge for current, past, and future plans for TTT. An explanation will be given soon, until then keep playing and enjoying the server and never hesitate in making a new suggestion.

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