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Want to get into digital art and drawing.

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Heyo, I want to get into digital art and drawing and I don't really know anything about it outside I'll probably need a drawing pad or whatever it's called.


Does anyone have any suggestions on tutorials to look to or for software and drawing pad hardware to purchase? I'm not looking to heavily invest in this in case I end up sucking and have no artistic talent even after trying to learn. I'm not necessarily too artistically inclined but I'm willing to learn and try to actually have a talent. Any suggestions and help are appreciated.

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I suggest a software called Affinity designer. An amazing alternative to photoshop , It’s usually 50 bucks but it’s going for 25 right now and there’s no monthly subscription , just a one time thing. For drawing though I feel like autodesk sketchbook would be a good choice, it’s free too so if you a broke boi these are some great programs




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Just download and learn gimp it's one one the best ways to start out to see if you like Photoshop. It's free and relatively easy to use just look up a few videos to learn how to do basic things then work your way up b.

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GIMP is an excellent free software for photo editing, but for drawing it can be a little tough to get used to so I'd recommend another program like Kirita like @SilentGuns suggested. As for tablets, I own both a Wacom CTH-470 (discontinued) and a Huion H420. The successor to the 470, the 480 is excellent, but can be pricey. The main recommended brands for tablets are Huion, Wacom and XP-pen. All companies have fairly competitive offerings at various price points, although Huion tends to be the cheapest of the three.

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