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pp #778 RDM with clip included.

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pp #778 (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198977954501/) RDM me as a detective less than 10 seconds into the round. he then went on to murder 2 other innocents (arguably just for him to do) but in the clip provided you can see that my kill was completely uncalled for as i didnt even have a gun out when the person in front of me was killed, he could have id'd me he could have asked if i killed him, but instead he just gunned me down. This is not the first or the last time he has rdmed TODAY but i dont have clips of those times... hopefully someone else also reported him so some action can be taken to prevent this. PS. I cant figure out how to upload an mp4 so i uploaded it to youtube unlisted... heres the link

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Hey @Rizsmo so I was that admin that was present there. Thanks for making a complaint like I told you to, it’s hard to deal with the whole server on your own especially when everyone is calling you to check on a specific person. Anyways what infinity stated above, you have to post it in our player complaint page. I saw your video and tbh I wouldn’t have banned him just cause of that one rdm. So in the future try to provide more evidence for a player to be punished. Thanks and have a good night. Locking this thread.

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