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Retakes points rework

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Not sure if a thread has been made about this before but I can't find it so I'm just going to make a new one. I usually just play retakes for fun when I'm bored but its occurred that when a new player joins the server and kills someone like me who has a lot of points I'm literally losing 20+ points not sure how this system works but I definitely think it should be considered reworking the point system on the server.

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I used to play on retake servers that are still around today called Spectre. When my brother and I grinded to #1 on the server, we found it infuriating to lose like 120 points per death to brand new players who would leave after one game. 


Their solution to this was making a server only for the top 100 players, but considering our server is smaller, I don't think that's possible. Making things less punishable for top players and not as exponential is just giving the can down the road, because then that will make it easier for top players to get even more points, which will eventually make it so that you're losing dozens of points per death to new players.


I think points in a casual environment like for SG shouldn't punish regulars and cater to new players. We need permanent set amounts for points, but I think CT kills should award more points than T kills.

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