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Change Tags on the ZE Server

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... Ok, so now on to the actual topic.


This is what our ZE server tags look like. Other top servers have stuff like "bhop, bhopping, surf, and even some top TTT and JB servers pop up when you search up zombie. I think that changing our ze tags to some of these can help pull in more people searching and a larger chance of being discovered. If a normal surf player see's a ZE server that has a lot of players, they are bound to pull some interest and attempt to join the server. 


Here is some of our current tags and some tags that a few people and I believe to be a bit more optimized for the search bar: 

ga,fastdl,states,eastern,sg,steam gamers.escape,mod,ze,steamgamers,united,usa,vip,us,ze,zm,zm,zombie,zombie escape,zombie mod [current tags] [21]


zombie,zomb,ze,ze(_),zm,zm(_),bhop,surf,sg,steamgamers,canada,us,usa,anime,zombie escape,zombie mod,fastdl,knife,ws,store,steam-gamers [21]

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