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Just kind of thinking with the times eventually being wiped pending plugin fixes and whatever else needs to be done-- I think it would be great to roll out a mega update to the server when you decide to officially wipe the times we have on the server. I assume you are planning on doing this anyway, but I think that when the times are wiped you (as the manager) and we (as the community) should aim for a server that can compete with another server's pretty steady player count and be a better competitor. I believe that rolling out an update that skims maps that are shit, adds maps that are good, removes some styles that will really never be touched (i.e. s-only), and makes sure the replay bot is available on every map, I think this server can truly elevate itself. 


Slight side note, I think there are some things that should be changed to make players who crave harder maps more interested like allowing people to play higher tier maps when there are more players because making the cutoff 5 players is pretty ridiculous. 


Sorry if this post doesn't make any sense because I'm writing this during a class where nothing is going on but my point is I think that with cooperation between management, lower staff, and the more involved community we can roll out an update that can truly put our server on top and superior to the other 128 tick servers :smile1:

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Bunny Hop is entering it’s 3rd phase of evolution. Expect big things man BIG things everywhere.


On a more transparent note, yeah I’m definitely going to start unraveling the tier 3-5 veil shit because I know that was annoying to deal with. UMC has been fucking me a lot and I’m still trying to wrap my head around population. I got a bunch of updates on my back that are going to be unloaded in batches at a time. Just a lot of experimental stuff at the moment but it’ll start to take shape. Trust :)

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Yeah I agree with phoenix about the T5s, T4s, and T3s being cut off at 5 players. If were are gonna want a server with more players, its better to increase that cap (or just remove it completely) so we can attract hardcore bhop players.

Also agree with the removal of barely played styles, some styles like S, A, and D only (while W is not played often, its still one of the main styles for bhop), fast forward, and prob all of the last page of styles.

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