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sm_grapple glitch

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Hey something that was brought to my attention by somebody was that if you do sm_grapple in console 3 times, your grapple tends to pull you much faster compared to doing !grapple, sm_grapple, or choosing grapple from the styles list one time. I'm not sure why this is but it's leading to a lot of busted times (that are going to get reset anyway), but it feels rather cheat-y and should fall under something that we bar from being used, and be punishable if someone is caught doing it. 


In the first map of the video, I try to demonstrate the differences between 3x sm_grapple and 1x sm_grapple. In the second map I get a record with the 3x sm_grapple and then demonstrate how much harder that time would be to achieve with 1x sm_grapple. 



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