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Retakes store idea

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I've recently gotten into other retakes server and I've seen store's I thought it would be a nice and cool idea to add paint like where your bullets hits, and also adding agents thought this would be a cool idea because our retakes server hasn't been getting that much attention and adding something new would be nice and good for the server 

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I don't think tracers would be too good an idea cause obviously cosmetics that draw a line in a semi sweat server would give advantages, but I definitely think the paintball effect would be a cool thing to add. We could also look into adding a plugin that allows us to setup models that CS has already released. I do agree that adding stuff could freshen a server and add additional interest just we need to narrow down what to do for that and how to implement it.

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Sometimes ill hop on different retakes servers and the odd one might have some of these cosmetics, but I don't think it would work unless there was a way to turn it off. Personally I would hate having bullet tracers in my face not being able to see anything. But like hawks said, the paintball shots could work as they don't really change anything.


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1 hour ago, janseen said:

I think that adding stores would be a great idea, but there should be a way to turn them off for the people who just wanna sweat and don't want to get blinded by 30 tracers coming from the Ts ak.

I  agree that now that I think about it tracers wouldn't be a great idea without an option to turn off other cosmetics - BUT if its doable to implement a way to turn them off at least for others then I think it might be a fun thing to add

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