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A tas/autostrafe style i have seen it on some servers and

im pretty sure someone here knows what im meaning


What it is is pretty much you just hold space

and point mouse where you wanna go and

if you keep youre mouse still you get the

highest theoretical speed gain.


Also seen some servers that combine this

with timescale and segmented in the same style.

Personaly i think its fun a bit more

relaxing not having to strafe all the time

and it all comes down to routing.


And even if you dont like playing it it is a good tool to find the

best routs for map and see what jump are posible if

you have the higest speed posible.


I could not find a download link for the pluggin 

But here is a video showing it off







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well i dont rly play quake but dont you still need to strafe and use a and d

you just get extra speed? And get more than posible in normal?


With this you get the speed that you would get in normal with 99% perfection

And you just hold space and move your mouse.

And preferably combined with checkpoints


But can someone elaborate what quake actually does?

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