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Server Info

  • Game CS:GO
  • IP Address jb.steam-gamers.net
  • Players ?/?
  • Map ?
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Server Overview

Jailbreak is a role-play server where the CTs are guards and the Ts are prisoners. The guards order the prisoners around and keep the prisoners in line, while the prisoners attempt to rebel and take control of the prison. Create your own prisoner gang and fight to the top of the CT rankings!

Server Rules

General Server Rules:


• Respect all admins and players alike.

• No spamming of any kind (voice or chat).

Blatant or extreme racism is NOT allowed. Small jokes are fine. Use of the N-word with the hard 'R' is strictly prohibited. No racist words allowed in steam names or clan tags.

• Do not have confusing names or names that can't be pronounced, subject to admin discretion (includes invisible & foreign characters).

• No advertising other servers, clans, or websites.

• Do not evade or avoid punishment.

• No hacking/scripting. This includes hyperscrolling, aimbot, wallhacks etc..

• No ghosting (this includes stream sniping).

• No teamkilling in any form (applies to both CT and T).

• No exploiting. This includes retrying, glitching out of the map, etc.

• Do not abuse the !calladmin command by reporting players for fake reasons.

• Do not point farm (hotkeying, afking, scripting) while afk or not playing.




Definitions of Common Terms:


Detouring - When a prisoner does not follow a direct path to the location stated in the order.

Delaying - When a prisoner does not follow an order as fast as they can.

KOS - Kill on sight.

Warning shots - 1-99 damage dealt by a CT using any means.

T Orders - Orders given by a T to intentionally confuse their teammates.

Baiting - Doing something that a CT would never do if trying to stay alive, such as being unnecessarily close to Prisoners.

Gunplanting - When a CT gives a T a gun.

AFK Freeze - An order CTs cannot give, orders the Ts to freeze with their hands off their keyboards and mouse.

Special Orders - Any order given to a subset of Prisoners, with an exception of ordering prisoners to drop a weapon or throw utility.

Reasonable Orders - An order that is straightforward, clear, to the point, easy to understand, not meant to confuse or trick, and gives the Prisoners enough time to follow.

Complete Orders - An order that has a clear and defined end goal for the Ts, such as an order to go to a location or to freeze. A freeday is not a complete order.

KOS Catwalks - KOS Catwalks are defined as solid walking platforms that connect directly to the armory.

• Freezing - When told to freeze you are to stay in the same spot, if you were crouched stay crouching, if you were standing stay standing. You may look around unless told otherwise.

• Blatantly Disobeying - When a prisoner is purposely disobeying in an attempt to escape and draw attention away from the main group.

• Voluntary Deathgames - A deathgame proposed by a CT with voluntary participation, predefined parameters, and ends with a winner(s) or the completion of the deathgame/the given parameters.

• Conflicting orders - Conflicting orders are any orders that conflict with a recent given order.

• Rebelling - Rebelling is when a prisoner picks up a primary weapon, draws/equips a pistol/zeus, harms/kills a CT, breaks out of a cell, blatantly disobeys or enters a KOS Zone.

• KOS Zones:

  - Areas or things that connect to armory (Armory/KOS catwalks, armory stairs, etc.)

  - SOME Teleporters (see FAQ post below)

  - Armory

  - Vents

  - Invisible Walls/Objects/Buttons/Ladders (invisible ladders are KOS unless they can't be avoided)

  - Secrets




General Rules for Prisoners:


• Prisoners that rebel can be killed on sight.

• Prisoners cannot give orders to other Prisoners. Guards can kill for this and admins can punish for it.




General Rules for Guards:


Guards CANNOT...

  • Harm Prisoners unless orders are not being fulfilled or they are rebelling.
  • Obstruct a Prisoners ability to follow the orders. 
  • Bait, subject to admin discretion. If a Prisoner damages the Guard they are still KOS.
  • Gunplant.
  • Enforce or create their own KOS rules. This means Guards cannot bypass warning shots for situations that call for them, despite saying otherwise.
  • Repeat the same order often.
  • Use gun name tags as evidence, however they can use the kill feed.
  • Order Prisoners to have a warday, to AFK freeze, or declare themselves as warden.
  • Abuse Special Orders or give them in text chat; Special orders must be given in voice chat and can be overridden without counting as a conflicting order.
  • Use the First Order (!fo) to speak about other topics (Orders only).
  • Order Prisoners to crouch walk. They also cannot keep the Prisoners frozen for an extended period of time. Read the FAQ Post below for more information.


Guards MUST...

  • Give reasonable orders.
  • Open the cells at a reasonable time.
  • Actively be enforcing orders or assisting their team.
  • Give warning shots (1 Shot, 1-99 DMG) unless the Prisoner is rebelling. After a warning shot is given if the Prisoner keeps disobeying the same order they can be killed, given they had a reasonable amount of time to begin following the order. 
  • Give Complete Orders while the First Order is active and cannot give special orders or Freedays during that time. 
  • Name the Prisoner they are asking to drop their utility or pistol/zeus.
  • Repeat the last given order at least once if requested by a Prisoner.


Guard Privileges Include...

  • Not having to say “no detouring/delaying”, it is automatically implied.
  • Being able to order the Prisoners to "Be off mic", but can only use it for 15 seconds at a time. This should only be used when they are attempting to give an order, but the Prisoners are being too loud to do so.
  • Overriding chat orders without it being a conflicting order.
  • Being able to kill Prisoners for being on a ladder/stair if it is KOS. Ladders/stairs are apart of what they connect to, which means if a ladder/stair leads to armory it is KOS.
  • Being able to kill a Prisoner for throwing a grenade at them if there was a reasonable attempt to harm or kill the Guard. The same applies for when a Prisoner is chasing a Guard and knifing at them.
  • Not being required to give warning shots to Prisoners if they are the last Guard.
  • Being able to host voluntary deathgames, subject to admin discretion,.




Rules for Last Requests and Deathgames:


Deathgame Rules:

  • Guards cannot force a deathgame when there are 4 or less Prisoners alive. Guards must, to the best of their ability, cease the deathgame if it gets to this number.
  • Deathgames can only be started after 2:30.
  • Guards must allow the map deathgame to function as intended and must not interfere at all.
  • Guards can only force map-made deathgames and must let the deathgame do the damaging and killing. The map-made deathgame must give the Prisoners a reasonable chance to live.


Last Request Rules:

  • LRs can be forced when there are 4 or less Prisoners left alive.
  • A Guard is not allowed to cheat or delay during an LR unless dealing with a rebelling Prisoner. A prisoner who cheats or delays during their LR is KOS.
  • Guards cannot interfere with LRs they are not participating in.
  • Last Requests must be reasonable, cannot be timed, and must be agreed to by a CT. If a prisoner's LR is interrupted they may request another one.
  • LRs are considered to be complete when the winning party kills the losing party or wins Rock Paper Scissors. A Prisoner may request to do another LR after the previous one is completed, but Guards are not required to honor this request and the Prisoner may be killed.
  • A Prisoner is allowed to harm/kill the participating Guard if their LR implies that the Guard can be harmed/killed. The Prisoner can be killed if they rebel (I.e. shooting another Guard during S4S).


Standardized Last Request Rules: 

- These rules will be default for the LRs listed. Prisoners may give additional rules before the Guard accepts the LR.

  • Gun Toss:
    • No rocket tossing
    • No knifing/shooting the gun
    • You must throw the gun before you hit the ground
    • Prisoners must specify the location and direction
    • Prisoners must choose who goes first