Hello everyone,

I was going to do these promotions a few weeks ago, but unfortunately got busy and was afk for a bit. Without any further delay:

To the Administrative Team, we are moving up Exk and Ned! Both have shown hard work and dedication at their CA rank, and we are sure they will perform well as AT's. Their new duties are:

Verify that servers are operational
Reboot dead/lagged servers
Assist in training new admins
Monitor the Teamspeak 3 server
Grant access rights to Teamspeak 3
Search for new maps for all

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Hello everyone,

It's once again time to announce our staff of the month. The Staff of the Month award is given out each month to a staff member that has gone above and beyond and deserves recognition for the effort they've put in. The recipient of this award will receive this badge on the forums.

This person has been putting in tons of work as a member of the Junior Technical Team. He has worked very closely with the Jailbreak managers and I to fix and rebuild multiple plugins when the server was in desperate need of repair. This person truly goes
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>Click the banner to go directly to the contest page for more details.<

Hello everyone, today I am happy to announce that we have come together with Gamebanana and 6 other communities to bring you a MiniGames Mapping Contest! Your task is to create a brand new MiniGames map for CS:GO. It should look good, be original, and be fun to play on with the quality and quantity of activities to use. Course maps are not allowed and multigame style maps will be favored.


These are the main things that will be looked at
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Hey gamers,

To get this party started, we're happy to announce some new (and not so new) additions to the Events Team! We believe each of these individuals will bring a lot of good events for all of you and are excited to see Creten, Dreamz, and Montag in their new roles! Their new duties will include:

  • Organize, plan, and run events
  • Manage/Promote special events on our servers
  • Manage and monitor gaming tournaments (ie. SGSL)
  • Make sure servers are ready for all special events
  • Schedule events to fill servers in need via the steam community
  • Work with Game Divisions to create events that cater to community interests

Next up, we
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Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, our leniency regarding sharing twitch links has been taken to an extent that is considered overall harmful for the servers. While this mainly applies to Twitch, it also applies to any type of stream where you are broadcasting / have broadcasted, etc. (our tinychat is really the only camera / broadcasting thing that’s okay). If you have ever received permission to share your twitch link anywhere on forums, servers, TS, etc, it is officially revoked. Threads that have these links will be deleted as they are brought to the attention of staff. This is effective immediately, and ignorance is not an excuse.

From now on, this will be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

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