Good Evening SG,

As you all know Staff of the Month has recently been introduced as of November and it is now time to award and congratulate one special person for the month of December and this shiny forum award

This person has shown us his passion and devotion for making the servers better both in game and in the technical side and with his recent promotion will be able to further enhance and bring all of our servers a prosperous start to the new year.

Join us in congratulating @Agent Wesker as the recipient of this honorable award!

Hello everyone,

After utilizing a trial run with Discord and weighing our options, we have decided to make the push away from Teamspeak and towards Discord fully. It was a hard decision, but ultimately we believe this is the best option for us. Initially, we were hoping to utilize both TS and Discord simultaneously, sine both have their pros and cons. Eventually, we came to the determination that, if anything, it isn't serving a point to have both, as it's just wasted time in extra upkeep. So we weighed the pros and cons of both, and we believe that Discord is the future. TeamSpeak has had a great run (Ventrilo is still the best), but it is time for SG to

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Hello everyone,

We have a few exciting promotions to introduce!

To the Junior Technical Team, we are promoting Ejivis and BoTo!
Nishok has vouched for these new members and think that they will provide a helping hand on SG's technical side, so we are looking forward to seeing their work!

To the Technical Team, we are promoting Wesker! Wesker will remain on the Administrative Team for now, and will still manage ZE. TA will serve as a secondary rank for him.

Greggy G is also moving onto the IA team! Additionally, we will be disbanding the manager role for IA. We

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to make a brief post about step downs. I was originally going to post this in the admin section, but this gets a lot more traffic, and I am also going to sticky this so it is easy to reference, because this has been a developing trend for the last year or two. This is regarding stepping down due to activity / being overwhelmed - not if you suddenly develop a sour taste for SG or something.

If you are holding a rank and considering stepping down - please, please, please consider it several times before actually pulling the trigger. We will usually ask you multiple times if you are sure, and encourage

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Introducing the official Steam-Gamers Faceit Hub.

In an attempt to add a more competitive edge to scrim, we will be testing out our very own Faceit Hub. Without going into too much detail, we believe that a faceit hub could be the solution to plenty of the problems on scrim. With it, we will be able to have multiple matches going at once, an easy way to keep track of peoples stats, fairer teams, competitive matches, and much much more.

While still in its early stages, @Manny and I will be deciding who gets

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