The 12 hour Steam-Gamers Charity Stream has come to an end and we would like to thank everybody for participating. With your help, we have raised a grand total of $1342.69 for Direct Relief. Thanks to your generosity we will be able to help the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. @Kieran & I would like to thank all the people that streamed and made it very exciting, @BoM, @Dreamz, @Bright, @Tyymunk, @Hawks, @Acer, @Macmine411, @EricTheGamer. We'd like to thank the Marketing Team, Events Team
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Hello everyone,

It has been a little bit over a month since we shut down Teamspeak and moved over to Discord. We would like to hear your opinions on the Discord move and whether if you guys liked it or not. Feel free to speak your minds and respond to the survey honestly. Please go in depth with your responses as it will help us to decide how we will conduct things further on. Thank you.

With the charity stream coming up tomorrow we decided to introduce our newly revamped social media along with our future plans for it. The entire marketing team, as well as a multitude of people from other teams, have worked hard to really help revive our social media. Some final adjustments are being made and YouTube is still "under construction", but you can expect a lot more activity on all of these platforms from now on.

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Hello everyone,

It's once again time to announce our staff of the month. The Staff of the Month award is given out each month to a staff member that has gone above and beyond and deserves recognition for the effort they've put in. The recipient of this award will receive this badge on the forums.

This person has been grinding away at Media Team requests ever since he joined the team with no signs of slowing down. They have contributed and done their part for future releases and has put in an extraordinary amount of effort providing very high quality assets for
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Hey everyone,

Effective today, we are removing the 10 posts and one month forum account requirements for admin applications.

While there won't be any requirements before posting an application, please make sure to still be active on the forums to have the best chances of getting approved.

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