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Zero Impact Frags vs. Minecraft

The tournaments finally winding down, and the first semi-finals match has been scheduled and decided. Maps are TBD, but they will follow standard veto system of 1 ban each, 1 pick each, then banning out till the last map is decided. This match will be a Best Of 3.

The match will be streamed by a dedicated streamer and be commentated by a special duo!

The Two Commentators For This Game Will Be:

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Hello everyone,

We have a special promotion for all of you today. It's not everyday that we have former staff members return, especially those who leave for medical school. Join me in welcoming back Black Rain! She will be resuming her role with the Board of Directors. Her duties will include:

  • Support/build/fix servers
  • Approve admin applications
  • Set up new Admin and Subscriber access
  • Issue admin warnings/punishments
  • Keep the community updated of any changes
  • Final say in all admin disputes
  • Plan for growth (website/servers)
  • Support forum/plugins/logos
  • Review and implement community suggestions
  • Promote/demote server admins
  • False Diagnoses
  • Handle admin complaints
  • Handle disputes among fellow admins
  • Be a role model to all admins/setting by example
  • Collect donations, manage

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Hello everyone,

It's once again time to announce our staff of the month. The Staff of the Month award is given out each month to a staff member that has gone above and beyond and deserves recognition for the effort they've put in. The recipient of this award will receive this badge on the forums.

This person has been working their ass off as a member of the Media Team and as a Community Advisor. He has gone above and beyond his responsibilities as a CA, including but not limited to, providing his input in various higher up discussions to
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Hello everyone,

We have some exciting new promotions just in time for July!

To the Events Team, we have Charliere and Strayyz! Their additional responsibilities will include:

Organize, plan, and run events
Manage/Promote special events on our servers
Manage and monitor gaming tournaments (ie. SGSL)
Make sure servers are ready for all special events
Schedule events to fill servers in need via the steam community
Work with Game Divisions to create events that cater to community interests
We also have three new additions to Community Advisor! Please welcome eden, fantastic, and
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Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, the amount of events being pushed out has gone down a little bit, but you can help! We are looking for information on what you guys would like to see in future events, and get more info on what games we may be able to hold events for. All you need to do to help out if fill out the form by clicking the symbol above or the link below. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes and will help us out a great deal. Thank you!


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