Are you the type of person that loves to suggest events for our servers? Do you have a bunch of ideas for the SG community to participate in? Why not apply for our Events Team?

As an Events Team member you will be:

  • Organize, plan, and run events
  • Manage/Promote special events on our servers
  • Can help manage and monitor gaming tournaments for SG
  • Make sure servers are ready for all special events
  • Schedule events to fill servers in need via the Steam community
  • Can advise the Administrative Team and Server Representatives in event ideas that cater to community interests

Please don't hesitate to apply!

So for those who have noticed, I have finally stepped down from Events Manager and have been turned into an LG (for like the second or third time being here in S-G because third time's the charm). Reason being is basically I don't have the time or commitment that I once had to do the things needed at my previous rank. Things like university and graduating after being in it for 6 years, having an IRL waifu to spend time with (holy fuck a gf wowow), securing a full time job before I graduate, commuting long hours between this place and that place, and other IRL issues require my full upmost attention at this point in time. Also I haven't really been playing CSGO at

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Hello everyone,

A while ago we retired the Outstanding Member Award because AO is no longer an active rank. Thanks to @euro we've created new awards for the primary ranks we introduced back in April.

Board of Directors Member:

Team Manager:

Administrative Team Member:

Technical Team Member:

Media Team Member:

Marketing Team Member:

Events Team Member:

You're now welcome to request these awards and the SRs will fulfill them if you meet the requirements.


It's Halloween, and with that come some new models to MiniGames. We added 3 models, one free and two that you can purchase for 2,000
credits that will be purchasable a little longer and will also appear next Halloween for you guys to buy. Once you buy a model you will be able to use that model even when it is not purchasable. You can buy and equip these through the
SG store (type "!shop" or "!store" in-game). So here are your new models:

Jason Voorhees

Price: 2

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As many of you might've noticed; I've stepped down, if you haven't I can't help you :/

All jokes aside, before I say my reasons for leaving(don't get your hopes up) or start mentioning people, I want to say this: Steam-Gamers is changing, those days of the community sitting on it's ass doing nothing are ending; current Senior Representatives and future SR's know that your ranked has been rebuilt from the ground up and is no longer a meme rank; it's a serious rank now, working alongside the AT's, whom have also been getting more serious.

That being said, it's a good transition as to why I'm leaving for a while. I hate being the weakest link and not

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