Hi all,

For reference, please see >> This Thread <<.

Obviously, we are aware that you may have questions about this whole thing. We've worked with our entire higher administration team and have taken in their input when crafting this new structrure, and we are glad to include your input as well.

Please feel free to leave any questions below and any BD+ may answer it!

Hello everyone,

Sorry this thread was delayed by a day - we meant to get this out yesterday after the meeting, but I was unfortunately way too swamped to get something typed up. For those of you who were at the meeting, this will serve as a general recap / reminder...for those who were not, this is hopefully going to explain our changes in the easiest possible fashion. We understand there is bound to be some confusion, so bear with us during this transition process.

This change stemmed from a conversation between Prez and myself, essentially discussing the problems with our vertical hierarchy structure. We are not losing a bunch of population, we're not losing a bunch of

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Hello everyone,

There will be some major community changes being rolled out next week, and we have been anxiously waiting to share them with you guys! Some of the biggest changes this community has ever seen will be implemented after this meeting. The plan is to have a TS meeting where we verbally go over the changes, take questions, etc., and then also post our changes via thread afterward.

Like I said, some big changes are coming up, and we want you all to be there!


Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to announce some new and exciting changes to the skin donation method for VIP and Subscribers. Originally we made it so that you can donate only CS:GO skins, but now we’re going to expand that to other games that are in the Steam Market. We hope this change will allow us to host raffles more frequently so that you can have monthly raffles again. As of right now, you will be able to donate weapons, cosmetics, crates and other misc items from the following games:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

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Welcome back the Bhop server for real this time.

After putting Bhop on MG it was clear that people really wanted to play it, but it broke normal MG.
@Greggy G and I has been working on bring a bhop server to you all.
Sadly this means a server is going to have to go. R.I.P.

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