...about the great new Jailbreak changes!

Guard Revamp

For a long time the server has been in need of change regarding the CT team, this is something we hope to address with these changes based off the suggestions and feedback within this thread a few weeks back. These plugins are meant to make the CT team more effective, make the server less chaotic, make administration easier and overall bring some great change the player base has been asking for.

CT Lockout

If there are 20 or more players on

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Hey guys! With the summer in full swing the marketing team has decided this is a great time to throw another survey out there to collect your thoughts so the community can keep improving and be it's very best by the end of summer. If this survey goes well it's likely there will be more of them seasonally so we can make sure everyone is being heard, and we can see how those opinions shift overtime.

The survey is 22 questions, split into 3 sections which will take less than 5 minutes to

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It's been a while since the TTT plugin got an update. Some of you in-game may have already seen some of the changes.

Some of the changes include the following:

- New T shop items: Health Shot, USP-S
- New D shop items: M4A1-S, USP-S
- More info added to the body id menu
- New cool count down timer
- Fixed the M9 bayonet glitch
- Outlines for your T buddys
- Many other bugs fixes

We've also added some new models.

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Hey Steam-Gamers,

Two months in and we're starting to see some results from the rank changes we implemented. With that being said we're still ironing out the few kinks from the first portion of this transition so please continue to excercise a little patience.

Lets jump right into it:

To the Events Team please welcome Creten! Creten has been a rock star on the servers in terms of activity and willingness to go out of his way to make sure our servers remain a fun place to play. We expect great things coming out of him and the rest of the events team for the foreseeable future.

  • Organize, plan,

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Hello Steam-Gamers!

Today we are excited to announce the go-live of our referral program! We were thinking of ways we could reward you guys for doing something many of you already do: Play on our servers with your friends. With summer break around the corner we thought it would be a good time to roll this out to give as many of you as possible a chance to participate and earn some rewards!

Alright, Heres the rundown on how this is going to work:

  1. Invite five of your friends to play with you on our servers
  2. Invite your friends to the forums
  3. Once they reach 30 posts on the forums and 10 hours on the servers

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