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? servers

? players online

if any of yall can help something about my steam

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haha mine just recently messed up also it keeps asking me for my password i dont:call2: remember that that was like 3 months ago and it says heres the hint you gave who was your childhood hero yea i just pick those little questions to let me move on i dont go by them

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no it's my internet it's say's im offline when im tipeing this message right now my internet wont let me play's teh game steam is ok just my internet say's im offline right now do yall now how too fix that

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You probably installed a new Windows firewall, and it's restricting access to the internet for other programs. Add the programs to the Exceptions list.

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edit button ftw. :p

Riggs has the right idea. I use ZoneAlarm and if a program is not on the list or not marked as 'trusted,' it won't work properly. I've used the windows firewall as well, but don't remember it having an exceptions list or any list, for that matter. Surely, you can also bite the bullet and reinstall Steam & CS:S.



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