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I got banned for shooting ts? more info at summary..

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it was like we just started a new map and it had a disco

there was like 3 cts guarding 15ts and they knew they coudnt do it so they rushed to disco place and camped waiting for the ts to go to the armoury and get weapons and bust in the disco for the kill after 55seconds no one came so i went out with my ak and luckly all the ts were in the cells locked up i went near one like in front of the bars and he tried to knife me and just before i pulled the trigger the cells opened and i shot him dead and the others i thought were trying to kill me because they followed me?and i shot them all and i got banned for 1 day complained got a reply banned for 3 days instead of one?and it says im only banned on prisonn break when i tried to go to minigames server it said i was banned HELP? and if beth or mrs blgh are lookin at this im gonna be:oh::shocked::eek:

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When you are banned, you are banned from all servers.


You might have been disrespectful to players/admins in your earlier appeal or new evidence popped up against you.


Also, wrong section.

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Your banned from all the servers and this is the wrong section for this.

You won't be unbanned, just wait it out.

I'm going to lock this.

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