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:welcome:CHRISTMAS FINALLY few days to go.

so what u guys are getting for CHRISTMAS this year???


Im getting a new video card from my wife, and i got myself a memory RAM.


shhh u cant say christmas any more its holidays or winter solstice!



haha jk im gettin a car

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Today i got a blackberry [i know its a early christmas present]

I also got unlimited internet on it and i already had unlimited texting so im basically set.

I also want a new graphics card and a gig of ram..

and a new tv..[im probally not getting cause i got an expensive phone]

Thats about it..

and if my parents throw in a few movies that would be nice also.

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Wow look at all the spoiled lil kids lol. I don't celebrate Christmas so I'm not getting anything. Only thing I'm getting is a payment on my auto insurance for a month because my catholic mom thinks she needs to get me something to show she loves me. : /


Christmas is so stupid lolzorz

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... i think my parents bought me some new brushes, and watercolor paper...

i need a job so i can buy myself

a)the parts to fix the family computer


b) buy myself a pc...

for x-mas...

but what job can i do to earn enough money in... 4? days?

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