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Hip Hop/ Rap's Best Alive= Lil Wayne

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Anyone who knows about this Genre of music has to acknowledge that Weezy F Baby is the Best Rapper Alive. He has over 700 songs and only 4 Albums out. You know what that means?? He makes Shit Loads of MixTapes which is basically saying Fuck the Money I want people to hear my music. He makes more songs with just his mixtapes than a lot of Artists make in their entire Career. For all you Squares who dont know what a mixtape is let me break it down MixTape=Free CD that you can D/L onto your computer.


Top 3 Hip Hop/ Rap Artists Alive

1. Lil Wayne

2. Jay-Z

3. Nas


If you Disagree Post you comments and you Top 3.



- Swizzy *B*

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The Roots


Mos Def


Wayne and about 99% of the "new rap" that came out when I was in high school, primarily bling rap, is crap. It has no real artistic merit... no social message... its basically a record producer that is pushing coonery where a braided black man jumps and hoots and hollers about rims, hoes, and big screen TVS... Its insulting to the culture and the race, but people buy it anyways....


Wayne has a few songs that I've enjoyed, like earthquake. "Long hair" though, is not a quality rapper imho... but rather rates in the same space as the hotboys, juvenile and the rest of the "bling rap" crew that appeared in late 1990s early 2000.


He can have all the mix tapes he wants, because in the end they are still sold and his producer makes money off the royalties on the work, even if its a "mix tape" it is still covered by copyright.

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Marky Mark

Sir MixAlot

MC Hammer




lmfao nah i dont listen to alot of rap especially the new shit b/c its all pointless, I agree with Legal here. I do however listenin to some older rap.

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