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Hmm... are you suggesting the idea of rival gangs shanking each other? Sounds interesting... the guerillas or "crips" fighting the arctic warfare or "skinheads" lol...

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I think its a good idea, BUT we already have a issue with people being tards in the server. We don't need another issue for people to cry over.


I can hear the crying now. " THAT GUY KNIFED ME FOR NO REASON!!!"

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i just saw this thread so sorry if i bump an old thread, but anyways

i think ff would suck. Like if you start in cell with someone theyll probably kill you, or you kill them, and the one who dies has to wait 4-5 min. If you dont start in a cell with someone youll probably get knifed when you get out, and have to wait for a long time. I think this would damage the server. Its already booring enough to wait for the round to end after your fail rebel or that other persons stupid freekill =)

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