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Guest barackobama

You wanted some, so here are some.


- Guards, take the Prisoners swimming maybe have a race!


- Guards, check the Prisoners Prostate today!


- Guards, Give the prisoners a Juggling day with empty guns!


- Guards, let them have a race round the prison!


- Guards, get the Prisoners frocks on, and cook some shit!


- Guards, time for AIDS day, test the Prisoners!


- Guards, it's time for the Prisoners to dance!


Not sure, think of some more :p

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lol, I like the racing idea.


Of course Yojimbo or another CT ass is going to make us sit in our cells until there is a minute left and order us to stay in the middle. Of course, if it is Yojimbo, he will try to do Simon says and end up getting shanked midway through a word. :rlol:

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HAHA, yeh, that was so epic..!


But I too like the race idea :)


I actually challenged him to a knife fight, only to have another T knife him in the back about 3 swings in.


Hilarity ensued.

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