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    Didnt you read what i said? There are not on scoreboard!
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    Can we get this pluging on CSGO:ZE? There is some realy anyoing mic spamers on server but they are not on scoreboard and we cant mute them and people complaning about mic spaming!
  3. Loadout is a new, fast-paced, 3rd-person shooter from developer Edge of Reality. The primary goal we’ve set out to accomplish with Loadout is to provide users with a fun, AAA experience with modern controls and sensibilities, frenetic gameplay, and intense, objective based combat…all wrapped up as a Free-2-Play title. We offer an experience that is truly like no other, with over-the-top, comedic violence with stylish character models & animations. We aim at adding a fresh, new look to the shooter experience online that we feel distinguishes itself from the vast array of modern combat titles. From our unique and crazy player-damage system, to our character customizations, Loadout will appeal to the lunatic in us all. Loadout also centers heavily on our unique weapon crafting system. There are millions of meaningful and unique weapons players can create that can truly set themselves apart from their opponents. Our robust & modular weapon crafting system allows players to tweak and modify their arsenal to behave in a variety of ways that suits their play style. There are no defined classes in Loadout. You, as the player, define your own class through the weapon you create. Players will also be able to unlock a vast array of weapon parts, equipment, and skills just by investing time in the game, without the pressure to purchase parts to gain a competitive edge. As for monetization, we plan on using an adaptive system that is both simple and thoughtful in terms of what our users are willing to purchase if they decide to spend money on Loadout. Special in-game promotional items can be purchased that may affect your characters appearance or gun skin. We will also allow players to enjoy a “try-before-they buy” system when deciding to choose new weapon that may suit their needs. We will also offer special gifts, sales & borrow tokens, and offer an variety of cosmetic customizations for both your character and your weapon. Loadout is currently in closed-alpha/beta on Steam PC, but will eventually be released for both MAC and PC platforms in the near future. Gameplay GET GAME Loadout Closed Beta Key Giveaway