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2007 - present

Steam Gamers was originally called "ZombieMurder" when it was founded by Haggard in February 2007 with the goal to be the best Zombie Mod community. To achieve that goal, we set high standards for our players and admins which allowed us to keep our servers fun and keep the admins from being overwhelmed. Although the site Zombie Murder opened in early 2007, our first server was opened in October 2006 which is known today as "NAPALM". With a good strategy and some of his own money invested, the site and server took off. It wasn't long before we had multiple servers and hundreds of Forum users.

In the fall of 2007, we had 3 successful servers and wanted to expand to regular Counter-Strike: Source so we launched the opening of Steam Gamers. To continue to grow we knew we had to make the leap to a dedicated server. With the community's support we were able to purchase a dedicated server that could support all our servers with plenty of room to grow.

As CSS has quickly died out in recent years, in 2014-2015 we replaced all of our CSS servers with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers, marking a new era of Steam Gamers with the support of our players and admins. Today we have over 15,000 Forum users, including dozens of Subscribers whose generosity continues to keep the servers and site alive.

Presidents of Steam Gamers


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2015 - Present