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  1. dang, you haven't been on in forever!

  2. Back to the Metal. War is My Shepherd - Exodus dej_3JYfMOs&fmt=18 WARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAR IS MY SHEPHERD
  3. Scar Spangled Banner - Exodus wDho38b8lCg&fmt=18
  4. Hmm I think I like Testaments hair Metal days better. Souls Of Black - Testament The YouTube video has been deleted or something, so go here:
  5. Indeed not emo. Metal heads though.
  6. Fake Messiah - Lamb Of God yBYyF-VztaY My favorite song on their new album.
  7. I beg to differ. Nothing Left - As I Lay Dying XOLgBgnnUUE
  8. An Ocean Between Us - As I Lay Dying A3HDhd9kLHA
  9. Born to Pwn

    Pick one

    I don't pick either. They both fail to me.
  10. Lol it was ok. I just realized I'm only 2 days older then you, hehe.
  11. CoB always has the best intros. Horizons - Parkway Drive 6cuHAwQdFQ
  12. I have 2 more additions to my list. August Burns Red Parkway Drive I love the metalcore!
  13. Oh. I always see them having atleast a few seeds on all my torrents. ^^ They all seemed to be bad seeds though. O.o hmmph