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  1. dang, you haven't been on in forever!

  2. yeah? whats wrong with that =O

  3. 300 posts? are you serious?!?!?!?!?

  4. Oh, I play PB and Minigames mostly. I've never really liked zombie mod. O.o

  5. I used to play napalm, but now Im trying out the escape servers

  6. What servers do you play on?!?! I never see you on. =O

  7. Enjoyed my post on the HSM thread? :p

  8. I HATE YOU! lmao. I want to go!!! :(

  9. Seeing Trans Siberian Orchestra for the 4th time in Januray. >:d


    Along with SlipKnoT who I'm seeing for the 2nd time.


    2009 is gunna be a good year. :d

  10. Darn, wish it was on reg cs or something! lol. I can't crouch jump if my life depended on it! D: