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ttt_community_pool Suggestion

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    Gmod - TTT
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    Who doesn't love a day at the pool? Made by Bender180, the same genius behind community_bowling, ttt_community_pool is a classic that can't be skipped.

    BUT! This is NOT the most-recent version of community_pool! This is NOT the 2017 version!

    But WHY, though? Well, the 2017 version of community_pool suffers from over-polish. Some of the passageways have been de-simplified and made claustrophobic for both people and the many props that inhabit the same space. It's VERY common on the 2017 version to find yourself stuck on props, doorways, and your fellow terrorists as you scramble through the excessively-decorated spaces. But, conversely, there are some rooms, such as the restrooms/locker rooms which have been drastically widened, creating extra space where none is truly needed.

    This ORIGINAL version of community_pool has NONE of those defects, and stands tall as one of the best maps that TTT has to offer. This map sports a useable T-Tester, a trademark secret, a T-Room that spans a third of the map, multiple T-Traps to further give them an edge, and plenty of doors and corners to help conceal the plentiful killing going on.

    Much like community_bowling, pool has condensed the TTT experience into the insides of a single building, and put enough attractions, distractions, and functions to make it exciting and different every round.

    [Recommended player count: 4-20]
  • Screenshots attached
    The front doors of your local pool:

    Lobby area:

    Nearly-identical restrooms on either side:

    The pool itself:

    The central hall, with changing rooms on one side and an office on the other, as well as the ladder leading down to the maintenance room:

    The maintenance room:

    The T-Tester:

    The first entrance to the T-Room(s):
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I'm sorry Mitchel, but I'm just not seeing ANY of that. ttt_dolphins is superior in every way in my opinion - the only thing it doesn't have going for it lack of tester, but that isn't a must. 


This map largely consists of a few overly large, sparsely decorated rooms, only has a single ladder connecting the two levels, and just not a whole lot going on in general. I want to say more about why I dislike it but there simply isn't anything to talk about.


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In my experience, that simplicity is a large part of what makes it an excellent map. Maybe we should play more of ttt_dolphins, but my first impression of it wasn't sparkling, that's for sure. It has winding corridors to isolate people, but felt claustrophobic, even in the larger areas. It's the kind of map to instill that "someone could come around any corner at any moment" feeling that often degrades the performances of Ts, leading to worse rounds and less interested players overall. It's similar to neotokyo or whatever it's called, in that vein.


community_pool's corridors are larger while there's still plenty of corners and doors to disappear around. It makes it easier for people to become familiar with in the few rounds they have per go-'round when the map is voted for, so even someone who hasn't seen it before will be able to perform on it, no matter their role. Everyone playing closer to the top of their game is good for TTT, as skilled players creates more tension, as opposed to everyone having no idea where anything is and finding it difficult to create call-outs because the map is over-complicated for its purpose. Which I'd say is the case for ttt_dolphins.


"Not a whole lot going on" is excellent when the few things that are going on draw people towards them, alone or in groups, and prevents analysis paralysis for both Innos and Ts.

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This map is unfortunately just really bad. The layout is far too basic, with there being a traitor trap in the men's bathroom that makes going in there a death sentence. The main room with the pool can also be made into a complete death trap, cutting off even more options. Even the basement leading to the traitor tester isn't safe since the room is filled to the brim with explosive barrels that can be triggered to explode by traitors. Even if that wasn't there it's just a big open room with some props scattered about.


That leaves you with the women's bathroom, reception, and the small corridor area that connects rooms together. Unfortunately the map is just far too limited, and what does exist is either incredibly deadly, bland, or both.

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