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My new Game server business

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Hi there,


That's right, game server business!


Im offering PUBLIC 66-Tic Counter-Strike Source servers for $1 per slot, or 100-Tic Counter-Strike: Source servers for $1.50 per slot!


Features include:

> Unlimited FTP access for maps and mods

> FREE install of Mani admin plugin

> FREE install of SourceMod/MetaMod if you want it/need it

> Unlimited storage space for maps and mods

> FULL RCON access to control your server

> Fully featured control panel to manage and control your server

> Free server restarts and auto-updates!


PM or email me for more information today!

Email: crossfire@xcrossfire.com!

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What difference does tic rate make? I've always wondered that.


Better hit registration I always thought (the higher the tic the sooner your shot will register, me thinks)

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