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Sup guys,


I'm trying to help a friend out with his computer problem.. His comp, in which he had invested a lot of money, is pretty much f-ed & he is looking to buy a new one. The problem is, he is on a very low budget ever since he moved out of his parents' house & is living on his own.


He made a site with a fundraiser-type thing... with a catch. If he raises enough money, he will literally ... blow up his computer and videotape it for you to watch, lol (and he is serious about it).


If you donate, you have a chance at winning some very fair prizes, such as a video card & other computer components. (more info: Prizes) You don't have to donate a lot (but feel free to do so if you're generous enough) and there is no pressure for you to donate at all. But if you'd be as kind as to spare a dollar or two, or even a quarter - it'll most definitely help him out in his goal.


I'm not posting to earn a profit or anything, btw, I'm simply trying to help out a good buddy of mine. If you help in donating, I will consider this as a huge personal favor.



For all other info, please visit http://www.communautedejoueurs.com/destroymypc/index.html


Also, please note that his $$$ goal is in CANADIAN dollars. 1 US dollar = 1.05+ CDN



Thanks everyone,


Matt & Omega.

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Few things before I consider;


he needs money to pay for a new computer and he is going to buy explosives?


Also, how can he send the components if he's to blow it up? Is it just going to be the exterior shell?


Lastly, he's living on his own and bought such a powerful computer, which to be quite frankly would leave me penniless (or cent-less, or whatever), and he's got a video camcorder and is going to film it and post it on the computer he blew up?


1) His friend has got a small arsenal so that's not a problem. Matt himself is still unsure how he's going to do it- it'll be up to you guys (he'll make a poll or something)

2) All components will be blown up. The prize components will not come out of this computer.

3) He moved out not too long ago. (He is 19) What he spent on his computer was his own money, BUT he bought it while he was still living under his parents' roof. His friends/parents can provide him with the camera.



Thanks for considering!

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