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almost bought the game yesterday but decided that it wasn't wise since I decided to play less css, wasn't wise to choose a different addiction which kind of defeated the purpose of my original pledge to myself to quit playing games so much.


good luck and if you're starting school soon, delete it.

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I decided to get the game so Ive been playing it a lot. I'll be back on after awhile :p




Don't do it!!!... ;)


Actually I never played it, but I've heard some interesting stories about people who started playing that game... a lot... (like canceling a date to go play WoW lol)

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Cameron Sandler's mother should beat his ass and tell him to stop playing so much if shes worried about him.


ad WoW is very fun, you get addicted but if you have any self control at all it's not hard to stop. I personally have canceled my account twice now when I knew I didn't have time for it, or I was more involved in something else.


don't be stupid, know when to slow down.

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