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How many game consoles do you guys own?

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I was always interested in what consoles you guys own/owned (well, we all know that everyone here owns a PC :)) So list away guys/girl (Jen is the only girl here right?)


I have :




Nintendo 64 (forgot to add this for some reason)






Sega Saturn




Consoles I used to own (gave away to cousins) :



Super Nintendo



I might be forgetting some, but that's off the top of my head.

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I own / have owned:


Super Nintendo (the square one)

Gameboy / color






All of the above bought for under $5 each. Skills.


xBox... Bought for retail price.


And a short-lived enterprise that my friend carried out in his freshman year of highschool, a console he called bbqbox, which was a mixture of a PS2 and N64. Basically, he attempted to mix the N64 controllers and games with the PS2.

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I have...


1x PS2

1x xbox

1x Sega megadrive (although it is gathering dust)

1x N64 (that too is gathering dust)

Used to have:

1x Gameboy (the grey one)

1x Gameboy colour

1x playstation

And 1 PC emulator for SNES games, my cousin used to have one, but since they were too old, I never got one.




My favourite game for sega ^^

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2x Atari 2600 VCS (one six switch one 4 switch)

1x NES


1x Original Gameboy

1x Gameboy Pocket

1x Gameboy Color

3x GBA

1x GBAsp

1x GBmicro

1x N64

1x PS1

1x PS2

1x PSP

1x DSlite

1x Dreamcast

1x wii

1x xbox 360


Most of these are boxed up now since I can play most of the games on my PC, PSP, and DS through emulators.

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