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Paladin's failure.

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Yeah, I made the biggest possible mistake I could today. See, my alternative school is bout 3 miles from my house, which isn't that far imho. I can walk it easily most of the time, and I decided I wanted to walk today. Well, big mistake. Found out that the traffic was backed up for miles, so I had to take an alternate route. Heres how its bad, I have the worst possible sense of direction you can think of. So of course, while finding an alternate route I got lost. To make matters worse, I fell into the sewers. So by then, I was tired and was smelling like shit, and not my own either, until I decided, fuck it. So I crossed the street whenever I had an opportunity, and then crossed through the woods that were near my house and got scratched up by a hell of alot of thorns. Finally got home, but they sprayed me with a hose before I could go through the door.

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