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Everyone should know this game. One person posts a Would you rather question (make it hard or disgusting but not too disgusting) and the next person answers it and rights a new question.


This one i got from a book...


Would you rather...


Have your faced scraped against sand paper for 2 hours?


Have your face shredded by a cheese grade for 2 minutes?


Yeah its a stupid first question but just to get this started with an easy one.

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I would tell the parents to go save their own child, its not my effing problem if someone else's kid is on fire (if it HAD to be one or the other I would go for the kid, even though logically, if I save the parents, they are likely to have another baby, so I am possibly saving the unborn life of the replacement child by letting the old one die, no?).




You have a hypothetical BFG with one shot. You are about to witness a horrific rape/murder of an innocent young women (or man, whatever).


Your options are:


- Shoot the murderer and spend the rest of your life in a maximum security prison where your best and only friend will be denial. No one will recognize your good deed, and it will only be seen as a cold blooded murder (the perp has no priors and pays his taxes).


- Shoot the victim and save her/him from a horrific and ultimately life ending experience. With this option you don't go to prison (thats just how it is, maybe it was an illegal immigrant and the police aren't going to look too hard for the killer). You do however, have to live with yourself.

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ooo thats a tuffie...

the right thing to do is kill the murderer person because it would save somone else from having that horrific incident, but you would be fucked in jail...


then if you killed the other one...you would still have a good life... but the murderer is still roaming on the streets...


i would go with the first one, you may get paroll or somthing and you would know in your heart you did the right thing




would you rather have your nuts nibbled off by a ferocious hamster/gerbil thing or be eaten by some sort of large animal and being digested and living untill you hav been shit out?


(sorry jen and truman ps and any other girls)

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