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Oh god, not this again. Damn Illuminati conspiracy nuts. There is no way in hell this is going to happen, one of the primary reasons Europe became unionized was to stuff all those small and weak currencies they had floating around from every individual country.

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I LOVE the dramatic music, where can I get that soundtrack.


lol, you're a conspiracy believer who want to ban guns. That makes sense. Don't you want to be able to protect yourself against Illuminati when they try to take control?

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The problem is misinformation.


Most so called "conspiracy theorists" do not take the time to verify the accuracy of all of the information present in their usually off the wall ludicrous assertions. Whether this is simply due to apathy or a desperate need to believe something horrific is going on behind the scenes, its shameful and discredits far too many viable scientific fields and general beliefs.


The supposed awareness of some grim secret many people can't or don't believe empowers the believer with some bizarre sense of purpose that aids in manifesting a delusional escape from the dull tedium of an otherwise boring unhappy life. It makes sense that so many of these cretins exist.



Hank, just to be clear, I'm not calling you a conspiracy nut, but you have to realize that little video is about 90% bullshit. What sounds good or exciting is not always the truth, and the internet is rarely a good place to get accurate information at any plausible success rate.


Besides that, Red is absolutely correct. Aside from not possessing the evil magic powers and alien weapons of the Illuminati, you don't even pack basic firearms? You're absolutely screwed when they descend from the heavens in the mother ship my friend.

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this just tickles me in naughty places. Yes, they were secret organizations in our past such as the Freemasons etc and they still exist. They played roles in shaping our future as to what we are today. Now, they dont have near as much pull or anything for that fact of the matter on what happens in our world. Its the every day people that make the descisions on what happens.

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