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Hellgate London

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Its not out here yet, but I had a friend mail me a copy from the US. Hopefully it gets here soon.


Anyone else looking forward to playing this game?

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I can summarize the concept of it in two words James. Scorched Earth. The game is where your a soldier in London, where basically the apocalypse has happened. Portals have opened in London, where floods of demons and monsters and various other beasties had came through, slaughtering everyone essentially. Pockets of resistance are in mainly the subway stations, and your part of the resistance against the demons.


Also I received my Collectors Edition of Hellgate London today.

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I appreciate old games. Hell, I even have Pacman on my mobile phone, but Doom sucked. For a sci-fi/horror game, it's completely unrealistic.


It doesn't have to be realistic to be a good game, Quake/Doom series are both gems. Look at Command and conquer, that was a good series too...

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