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Ventrilo Dj Tut

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Since I didn't know where to put this...


1. Download VAC ( Virtual Audio Cable) And Winamp


2. First run Either Set-up or Set-up62 (One will not work.)


3. Run VAC. Your settings should look like this:


Then click start.


NOTE: To hear the song aswell change the 'Wave Out' To your speakers.


4. Open up Winamp.


5. Hit options > Prefences.


6. Go Output and hit Configure. Toggle your settings so it looks like this.


Then Close prefrences.


7. Open up vent.


8. Click on set-up. Toggle your settings so it looks like this:



Winamp can be found at:



VAC download is in my attachments.





(Beth Hunted me down.)

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''Just hit the eastside on the L-B-C on a mission tryinna find Mista Warren G.


Ain't no need to do the regular 2-1-3''


''He gots guns to my hands i think i'm goin' down, I can't believe this happen' in mah own


town. If i'd have wings i'd fly let me contact plate, rollin' in ma ride, chillin' on the east -->

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