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Is there a way we could limit this to it only telling the terrorists who attacked them? I say this because if a terrorist does a sneak attack on a CT and the CT could not tell who attacked them, then they can just look at the freekill-tell and kill that terrorist.


For example, Kamikazi and two other terrorists were ordered to go to the pool. Kamikazi had a grenade and while the 2 other terrorists sat in the water, he threw the grenade so that it would bounce off the wall and hit the CT coming in to check if they were in the water. Kami quickly ran into the water and the CT was none the wiser as to who threw the grenade, until he checked the freekill-tell that is.


This is a problem similiar to the console issue where the CTs can tell which Ts killed a CT, but is a bit more problematic as the terrorists cannot even attack the CTs without being caught.

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I dont know what this is about but sounds like it tells who has killed ct? That sucks, its fun to kill about 3 cts and get away with it bc you throw guns away.

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