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  1. Been casual since 2008. Zombie escape is about fun, not point whoring or doorhugging. If I get stuck on geometry I try to delay the zombies as much as I can until the microsecond I get turned.
  2. Congrats on Junior TA! Any questions please don't hesitate to ask me!

  3. Repus

    Favorite Map?

    Rapeus, and anyone who says anything else is banned.
  5. Repus

    Beating maps

    Problem solved, that is player "mE" maps, not Suri's own.
  6. Repus

    Beating maps

    Some maps are removed for issues, that might be the reason.
  7. Happy Birthday :)

  8. Whenever I watch you surf, I see how much better you are than me and I just want to give up and leave the server :(

  9. Repus

    LR in JailBreak

    Consired a dick move, but yes. In s4s if you kill a ct you are still killing a ct.
  10. There should be verbal warning directed at the person, if they don't get in line; ct who gave that verbal warning should make the shot.
  11. Repus

    Orders in chat

    I don't see chat orders as a problem. When I used to play JB I often tried to force people without mics to start typing and then stab them.
  12. "aaaadmiin that asshole just freeekilled meee." "Do something you stupid admin." "Wow, what a bad admin" x 10
  13. Not that hard to say no jumping, having this implied would create issues with new players I imagine.
  14. This has been suggested many times, conclusion has always been: We don't really need it.