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  1. Someone wanted statue of Paul in the community meeting
  2. Randomizer mod, you never felt more op than spy with backburner
  3. Repus

    Python Coders

    I would help you but I'm more familiar with other languages, I have only basic python from about 2 years ago and I'm busy and I WON'T HELP YOU CHEAT
  4. I have Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, not really audio nerd so can't really talk about sound quality. Good thing about these is that it came with three cords: short, long and curly. I have had these for almost three years now. Little warning, these things have tiny plastic stoppers that keep the cups on your head, one of them broke completely off about half a year ago. I 3d printed a fix for it, but its not perfect. They still work but I really need to get new ones as one side is half off my ear. So in other words check for potential break points like these stupid tiny plastic bits.
  5. Does this happen every time you do this? Is there more detailed error on the network tab of the Inspect element? Not that this is my job anymore, but it might be my fault if it came after the reputation. I did not touch the thank system so it is interesting at least.
  6. I wonder how that would look..... (Imagination transition) [ATTACH=CONFIG]19054[/ATTACH]
  7. For someone who is thinking about farming bad rep: Its been done before, you are not original. Also you spelled Repustation wrong #Branding
  8. Just trying to get my very first thanks in over 10 years by making me test it, aren't you?
  9. You mean to tell me I can't enter twice? Rigged..
  10. Been casual since 2008. Zombie escape is about fun, not point whoring or doorhugging. If I get stuck on geometry I try to delay the zombies as much as I can until the microsecond I get turned.
  11. Repus

    Time to go <3

    You are just gonna leave me with these weird 2010+ beings
  12. There are also veterans that are for the kneeling, as they fight for freedom of doing it and not force to bow down to a symbol. Not trying to disrespect your dad but the difference between him and those others is that your dad wants others to fall in line that he values, while they think you should have your own values and leave others to theirs. Your dad can respect the flag and the anthem all he wants, nobody should stop that. That relationship with the anthem and your dad should be in tunnel vision, what others do should not matter. If your dad enjoys watching the NFL he should not keep himself from it because of somebody kneeling. Honestly it did not come to my mind NFL being private company, private companies should be able to make their inner rules, within reasonable standard of course (No bathroom breaks is stupid). I feel the best action should have been just shaming the media for chasing headlines and making the issue bigger than it is.
  13. I have never liked the idea of authoritarian force to respect flags and anthems, Its so tribalistic. Call me a hippie but I am on team Earth (Milky way if necessary). This protest is just kneeling instead of standing and nothing more? I say if they are not preventing you from standing or delaying the game it should not matter. If you don't like it just ignore it, making it a big deal means that it is actually working.
  14. I agree that it abstain is mostly useless. I still however think it can be even important thing to have. It is kinda of special case yes/no. Example: Old admin from years ago comes back and applies for admin. Years ago I talked to them and played with them, would easily give them a yes. Years have however passed and we haven't talked/played together at all. I might use abstain to mention that I would have said yes years ago but because of no contact in years I'm not confident to say yes. Same would apply if this person was a bully years ago but maybe not anymore.