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Ok well no offence to the new SG. Mems but some of them are rly big a holes. I think a simple backround check and time on forums should not be enough. Maybe take some intake from the players bc i've only seens like 20 Mems and almost half of them rulebreak like everything. For example, I was at jailbreak and this one guy(whos name i forget) was an SG. Mem, was disrespecting admin=Ron Burgendy. Ron banned him after several warnings but he still went on.


I think maybe the intake from some of the regs and sups that play with some of these players a lot should also be able to post their intake on the player. Cause nobody like's a community mate who is a dick to them.


And with the forums its easy to be on for a while and just spam posts on stuff you may not even care about. For example, I could just register on the forums post 100 posts or so and then never come back to the forums again. As long as i have no previous bans Im in. I could be a dick to everyone in game and not be banned and could get in. Well its just a suggestion so you dont have to flame me for it. Thx : P

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no its true as long as none of the admins know that they are a dick and no previous bans they are in


let me guess. dicks can even get HG?!?! this is an outrage

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yea thats why u have it : P lol jk jk no cause they wont take the time out to post that many posts and if they are truly dicks in 6months time they wwill hopefully be banned

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