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Why is PB Mutiny so empty all of a sudden, we raised its cap for people and now ppl arent going in it for some wierd reason, theyre all on Uprising


EDIT: Yeah...title is a typo >.>

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In my eyes, there are a few reasons:


1. No one is there, because no one is there. (No one wants to join a 5/30 when there is a 13/20 somewheres else.)


2. CT's only do boring as shit stuff with T's. "GO TO BIG CAGE". Great, what next? Since there are NO death games whatsoever, it is total anarchy and it is just CT's waiting for T's to eat their faces.


3. Nothing is under control. In some Jailbreak servers, rules are MUCH stricter and everyone gets used to it. I could die with zero warnings and no one would give a shit. On Mutiny however, CT's always act retarded as crap (sometimes myself, but heh, I only follow the example of the crowd) and T's have zero fear of death. If I was CT, I'd have to warn about 15 times for someone to drop something, by that time, I'm dead. If I shot him BEFORE he shot me, everyone in the whole server would shit a brick.


4. Admins: On for maybe 15 minutes every 2 hours. Freekillers and idiots are rampant in Mutiny. We need more administrators that are regularly on the server. Voteban might be a nice addition, but I've seen a few bad instances of voteban (A group of X people all banning people systematically for the "lulz").


Those are a few reasons I think attribute to it.

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