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Well, i decided to check my email today to see if i got any new msgs from RIT... gmail told me my pass word was incorrect... so for the next 2 hours i went through every password, and combination for those passwords i had... then i went through the stupid email recovery... my stupid question was what my first phone number was... well, easy... i chuck it in... Wrong... wtf?... so i try different combos... all wrong... i try different #'s... all wrong... around now im bashing my head into the desk, swearing at gmail for their retarded questions and letter code shit... why not ask my favorite book damnit?!... so.. here i am... some fuck stolen my email... unable to recover it... important shit being emailed to it as we speak... anyone got any ideas on what i can do? who i can contact or something?



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See what type of support your email provider has in regards to stolen accounts. I don't know if they would be able to do anything about it because its not like you have anything that shows it was your account. You could still try though.

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