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Mutiny crashing I think I know why

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For the past 4 days I have gone on mutiny and after about 30 min it crashes but every time it crashes is because the number of player just reaches 25 player. It seems that the server thinks that it is still a 24 slot server.

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Also, there was an really crappy version of electric on the uprising server before it went away that didn't have enough slots for everyone to play, and it just wouldn't let you spawn. the server was ok.


but that certainly is an intriguing idea, and seems to make sense.

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I think it might be because there are only certain amounts of cells for certain maps and if theres let say 25 people and only room for 24 in that map it may crash.


I could be completely off though lol



If this is the case, you'd still be able to connect to the server, you would just be stuck in Spec, since both teams would be full.

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