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  1. Older than the average fortnite player, respect.
  2. Discord is a tremendously powerful tool in terms of player recruitment and retention. Splitting of any community is likely to be detrimental in the long term
  3. Been enjoying the hell out of the Squad servers. Dumb question, is it possible to donate for a slot?
  4. Time to get the old project reality squad back together @Modgers1?
  5. Long time no talk.

  6. this guy just comes back out of no where

  7. Interesting insights. Would be curious to see the data on time spent on forums vs time spent playing on SG official servers. Is this data only from forum users or were players polled on the servers as well?
  8. McBride: You were a good dude. Have at it.
  9. Sign me up, captain. @Caution
  10. Worst holy paladin right here.

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