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system for my grandma

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hey guys i am to lazy to build my grandma a new system on new egg so i just got what she wants as a whole




is this a good system for her?



she just wants to be able to rip cds/dvds

play games online/little puzzle ones on her computer nothing big

edit photos

regular use email surf the web micro word etc


nothing to fancy i am more interested in how its life span and reliability are


thanks for any help

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Building a PC is easy, so I suggest you go that route.


I would've configured the entire system, but the site traffic is slowing it down to where it's painfull to for me to be on it.


Here's something to get you started:




You'll need a power supply, case and hard drive. If you play your cards right with the current sales, you'll find those 3 for under $100.

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