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I'm back from my trip.

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Hey, hey, hey.


I got back from my trip a couple days ago (for those of you who don't know, I went backpacking down the valley). I've been in the hospital since I got back because I broke my (right) arm while coming back, and as we were still about two days away, I had to do a makeshift sling for it, but it became infected (apparently there was a stick in it :rolleyes:).

I broke it while we were snowboarding. We started a small avalanche, to ride it out on the top, but I wiped out and my arm got sucked under and snapped. It's no big deal, though. They cleaned up the infection at the hospital and casted it up in plaster, and it should be healed reasonably soon. The only problem with it is that it'll limit my options in my job hunt. For one, not many employers will give me even basic health insurance while it's on, and for two, I can't really do any manual-labor jobs at the moment.


Anyway, I hope to get online once in a while to chat with you guys (even if I can't play). I'm going to be really busy, with work and things, but I'm going to try to make some time for fun.

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Good going clumsy oaf.


Obviously RL is too much pwnage for your weak human body. Stick to the online nub.


Lmao... I'm surprised Red hasn't made a hippie comment on your picture. Come on Red you're slacking.

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Going deep into the wilderness, practically alone? I pray you've learned your lesson, you idiot.




Welcome back, Riggs. Glad to hear you made it back with just a broken arm (especially after that avalanche story, God damn).

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