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Hello, I had some ideas, that I took on some servers, and it could be fun to put them on our servers, because sometime it's really boring, so, i start :


1 - it's not really a rule, but you could put more time, like 8:00 to the round.


2 - If you put 8:00 to the round, if Ct's don't open the cells before 7:00, they should be slayed, because sometime it's really long before they open it.


3 - If no orders are given before 7:20, it's a freeday.


4 - Ct's are not allowed in vent, because it's sometime the only way to get gun's, and some Ct's abuse of this by camping them.


5 - Deathgame allowed, not fish in a barrel, but evil simon says, last reaction, or something like this.


6 - Ct's should be obligate to give LR, because if they don't, some round are sometime way too long.



I think it's all, if you want to put more, you can.


thanks to take time to read this.

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